Innovating Public Services

Pakistan Challenge

28-30 September @ NIC Karachi


Land Records

Imagine being able to securely buy or sell property on a trusted network as easily as sending an email on your mobile phone.

Land Registry on blockchain would be a single source of trust for all property rights and historical transactions using transparent, decentralized, distributed ledger for land information management.

Digital Identity

Millions of people in Pakistan lack an official identification. Utilizing blockchain technology to track and manage digital identities provides tremendous opportunities from enfranchising a significant portion of rural population and enabling them access to the financial system, to streamlining fragmented identity systems across the country, the opportunities are significant.


In lower income communities, corruption is present and takes a toll, preventing these communities to economically develop.

It is key for those communities to have a fair and transparent election process, as well as provide secure, more accessible, cost-effective ways to have more citizens to exercise the right to vote.