Innovating Public Services

Pakistan Challenge

28-30 September @ NIC Karachi


Corruption is endemic at every level, whether it is government to government, government to business, government to individuals, business to business, business to individuals or individuals to individuals. The rate at which disservice is done with impunity to the integrity of the nations is alarming and shocking. Public records are easily falsified, when a few people who matter connive together to defraud the state.

The possibility of the adoption of the blockchain cryptography, even to the slightest degree, as a starting point, will definitely provide a solution to most if not all of these atrocities. Since every transaction made for instance through the blockchain is recorded in a public ledgers, a database with time stamps, which cannot be altered once completed, and available for everyone to see, proof of ownership can then easily be established and can be tendered in a court of law regardless of how corrupt the government, business or individual may be.

Innovating Public Services with Blockchain - Pakistan Challenge will motivate participating teams to innovate their public sectors by using blockchain technology.

Hackathon Venue

NIC Karachi